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At Thor Fire Ltd we provide supply, installation and maintenance services for fire equipment that includes fire hydrants and hose reels. Established in Oldham in 2011, our team have been covering the whole of the UK for over 10 years and have a fantastic reputation.


 Nationwide Support

Hydrant & Hose Reel Supply, Maintenance & Inspection


Sometimes during a fire risk assessment, the results can show that buildings need access to fire hydrants or hose reels. These can be in addition to fire extinguishers or as an alternative.

The reason for hoses and hydrants often being requested is access to a controlled water supply to enable the suppression of Class A fires. At Thor Fire Ltd we have a huge range of fire hoses, fire reels, pipes and hydrants all designed with safety in mind. We fine the best solution for your property and offer full supply, installation and maintenance.

fire hose hanging on the wall and powder extinguisher
Fire Hydrant In Use

Inspection And Maintenance

Ensuring your existing fire hydrants or hose reels are inspected and tested regularly is a legal requirement. Equipment should be checked once a year by a fully qualified engineer and at Thor Fire Ltd, our engineers are qualified as recognised by BAFE as satisfying the BS5306-3.2017 Annex 1.

This means that our engineers are competent to provide services that include:

  • Sourcing (the correct hydrants, hoses or pipes for your building)

  • Commissioning (on-site checks to ensure hoses and hydrants are fit for purpose prior to installation)

  • Siting (correct positioning and installation of fire equipment in your building)

  • Maintenance/Servicing (regular checks to ensure fire hydrants and water hose reels are in efficient working order and ready to use in the event of fire).

Fire hose reel and fire extinguisher with signs

Hose Reels

We are able to supply and install both fixed hoses and swinging hoses.

Both types of fire hose provide effective fire-fighting facilities using a continuous supply of water from a mains connection. If connected and installed correctly (and checked regularly) a hose reel can provide immediate water flow, even when the hose is not fully extended.

a yellow H sign outside on a wooden post in the street

Fire Hydrants

In the UK most fire hydrants are placed underground and are used by the fire service to access a mains supply of water easily and effectively.

To find out more about the installation, service and maintenance of fire hydrants, get in touch with the team at Thor Fire Ltd. We are based in Oldham and cover all of the UK.

Fire Alarm Call Point

For the supply, installation and maintenance of fire hydrants and hose reels, call Thor Fire Ltd in Oldham. We are available 24/7 and cover the UK.

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