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Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs)

Thor Fire's Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) represent the pinnacle of enhanced fire safety, meticulously engineered to swiftly remove smoke from a building in the event of a fire. Serving as a critical component of any comprehensive fire safety strategy, our AOV systems are strategically positioned throughout the building, functioning as guardians of safety by creating clear evacuation routes and bolstering firefighting efforts.


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AOVs: essential fire safety systems for any building

An ‘AOV’ or ‘Automatic Opening Vent’  is considered a life safety system and forms an extremely important part of a building’s fire safety strategy. It is a smoke or fire vent that will open and close automatically when triggered by a control system to help vent smoke or heat out of a building in the event of a fire.  


AOVs are predominantly installed on the roof or side of the building to clear smoke from corridors or common areas such as lobbies, and are also used to protect escape routes (such as stairwells) in residential or commercial buildings.


They may also be required in buildings that feature open-plan interiors (such as atria) or in large single-storey buildings such as warehouses or factories where smoke would otherwise just build up indefinitely.

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Automatic opening vents assist firefighting efforts

AOVs not only help people escape from a building safely, but also help to improve the conditions in the building for firefighters who are entering it – with better visibility and improved air quality they can reach the fire quickly and safely to get the situation under control.

AOVs are typically activated by a smoke or heat detector, either directly or from a smoke detection system or possibly a fire alarm system.

Key Features of Our AOV Systems:

1. Swift Removal of Smoke and Heat:
Thor Fire's AOV systems excel in their ability to swiftly remove smoke and heat from the building, creating a safe environment for occupants and emergency responders alike.

2. Creation of Clear Evacuation Routes:
By establishing clear evacuation routes, our AOV systems empower occupants to navigate the premises safely during emergencies, mitigating the risk of confusion and ensuring timely evacuation.

3. Aid to Firefighting Efforts:
Our AOV systems not only prioritise the safety of occupants but also provide vital support to firefighting efforts by granting access to affected areas, enabling firefighters to combat the blaze effectively.

4. Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations:
Thor Fire's AOV systems are meticulously designed and installed to comply with stringent fire safety regulations and standards, offering peace of mind to facility management companies, commercial landlords, and building owners.

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How often should I have my AOV serviced and tested?

In order to meet the requirements of the RRO and BS: 7346-8, AOVs need to be serviced by a competent person at least once a year.

In addition, they should be tested on a weekly, monthly and six-monthly basis. The weekly and monthly checks can be done by a person who is familiar with the system (such as the Responsible Person), or building manager. However, the six-monthly tests need to be carried out by a third-party certified smoke control specialist to ensure compliance.

Immediate action needs to be taken upon discovery of any faults identified and reported, if this is not possible immediately then the ‘Responsible Person’ should carry out a risk assessment to determine if any additional measures should be put in place until full performance is restored. These might include putting in place a waking watch or relocating the building occupants or employees until repairs can be carried out.

Ensure building compliance with effective smoke ventilation systems

Thor Fire's AOV systems are tailor-made for facility management companies, commercial landlords, and building owners who prioritise the safety and well-being of occupants and are committed to ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. With a focus on proactive fire safety measures, our AOV systems offer unparalleled peace of mind in the face of potential emergencies.

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For a comprehensive fire safety strategy that combats smoke and heat as well as fire, our AOV systems are vital. Get in touch for a consultation.

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