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Fire safety system


At Thor Fire Ltd, our team has a combined experience of over 80 years and we specialise in wet and dry risers as part of our fire protection and prevention service. We understand all regulations and requirements and can ensure your building is properly protected from fire. Based in Oldham, we serve the whole of the UK.


 Nationwide Support

Reduce Risks With Wet And Dry Risers

Designed and fitted with precision in accordance with BS 9990 regulations. Choose Thor Fire Ltd, specialists in the installation and servicing of wet and dry risers.

Dry Risers are an essential part of any building design where the height of the building exceeds 18 metres from the fire brigade access level to the top floor. They are also required where there are floors more than 10 metres below ground.

The firefighters fill the dry riser pipe with pressurised water by connecting the fire engine hose to the inlet on the ground floor. They can then connect hoses directly to the lifesaving water supply on the floor nearest to the fire using the outlet valves connected to the dry riser.
Connecting the hoses in this way is a much quicker system for the firefighters. The hoses they use to connect on each floor are shorter and therefore lighter and there is no requirement to run long heavier hoses up through the whole of the building. Using Dry Risers saves time and ultimately saves lives.

Dry Riser Box
Emergency exit of the building with fire exit sign and fire extinguisher

What Is A Wet Riser?

A wet riser is a water pipe kept constantly filled and pressurised. It is supplied by either a mains pump, a storage tank and pump or a mains pressure supply.


Generally buildings above 60m high will have a wet riser. This can be identified from the outside as there will be no visible pipework or inlet for the fire brigade. With wet riser systems internal valves on landings stating ‘Wet Riser Outlet’ can be found, usually resembling taps. These can also be protected inside wired glass or lockable metal boxes. At Thor Fire Ltd, we offer a complete design and installation of new wet riser systems for properties and buildings in the UK.

What Is A Dry Riser?

Take a look at this short, informational video about what a dry riser is and how it can help to protect your building in the event of a fire. Get in touch to find out more.

Fire Alarm Call Point

When it comes to fire protection and wet and dry risers, choose the experienced team at Thor Fire Ltd in Oldham, for nationwide services.

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